About The Nature Collection

The Nature Collection produces high quality T-Shirts with a diverse collection of natural subject matter.  The art work on the T Shirts as well as the books, original oil paintings and limited edition prints, are all by Walter Ferguson.  The shirts and prints are all made in Israel as well as the original artwork by Walter W. Ferguson, who lives in Beit Yanai, a small village on the Mediterranean Sea.

Contact us by E-Mail at: ccnc@nature-collection.com
phone: 972-9-8663771
mobile: 972-54-4434191

Some Testimonials:

Talia from Canada - "I'm so glad you still have this t shirt. bought one 10 years ago in Israel and I still love it and use it. please also contact me when the rhino t shirt is available as I want 2 of those also."

Helga from Sweden - "Greetings to Israel from Sweden! We had seen the T-shirts in Ben Gurion and love them!"

Moshe from Israel - "I love your work and I almost bought the Mexican Boy but that time I didn't have 100 Lira to spend. The Ducks I bought in Bet Herut gallery."

Ann from USA - "Love the t-shirt Med Red Dead t-shirt design. Do you make book/tote bags with the same design?"

Bernhard from Germany - "I just found Your homepage and immediately looked for a special kind of T-Shirt, which I bought two or three years ago in an shop in Israel near the Dead Sea. I then bought two T-Shirts with the design "Wall drawings", but not brown shirts, as I find them on Your homepage, but shirts in a special green. I still like them very much."

Bette from USA - "I just returned from Israel and bought the adult "Life is sababa" and would like to get some for the children. The shirt is great!!"

Katariina from Finland - "Dear Milen Bachar, Thank you very much for your email. I just received the new T-shirt by post and am very happy to wear it."

Elise from USA - "Hello- When we were in Israel we purchased some of your shirts and love them. We are interested in the 'baby animal' one- realistically illustrated animals in a row with the Hebrew names in script."

Karolina from USA - "Hi - the shirt arrived today. It's just what I was looking for - thank you very much."

Anju from Unknown - "Hi! I bought 2 of your t-shirts when I visited Israel - the floating goat and "life is sababa". I love your artwork!!"

Lee from Israel - "I'm a tour guide living in Jerusalem and these are perfect for me!"

Lisa from USA - "Hi, I stumbled upon your website. I love your T shirts and Mr. Ferguson's art work."

Alex from Israel - "I saw one of your T-shirt on one of my relatives - a floating Ibex reading the Dead Sea Post wearing sun glasses. A Great picture by all means!"

Elita from Israel - "My name is Elita and I purchased one of your T-shirts some years ago. It's an offwhite background and says 'Israeli Wildlife' on the front with a picture of Israel map and many animals around the map of the country. I really love this shirt but it got torn and I would like to replace it."

Rob from USA - "Shalom, I just bought a hilarious t shirt at the Massada gift store, depicting a cartoon turtle couple making love and showing their thoughts. HILARIOUS. Problem-I only bought one. THOUGHTLESS! I need one or two more for friends. Can you help me (get me more)?"

Yael from Israel - "Hi! I am a big admirer of Mr. Ferguson's artwork and would love to find a judaica print to hang in my home."